In our effort to provide advancements in orthodontic care in the Mobile area, we are very excited to offer PROPEL orthodontic technology. This cutting edge technology allows Dr. Donaghey to finish orthodontic treatment more efficiently and effectively. What this means for our patients is less time in treatment, shortening the time required for success (by up to 6 months).  Patients will conclude their Propel treatment with excellent results in fewer visits and less time. Dr. Donaghey is one of the first orthodontic practices to offer Propel in the Mobile area. 

What is PROPEL Orthodontics? Propel is a technique in which Dr. Donaghey uses very specialized acupuncture-type sticks in the gum tissue around the teeth. Propel shifts teeth as painlessly and quickly as possible. The Propel system can be used in conjunction with other orthodontic treatments like traditional braces or Invisalign to help move teeth faster.  As one of the few providers of Propel Orthodontics in Mobile, Dr. Donaghey can help you enjoy an improved smile faster than ever before.